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Frank Dalzell - Instructor

Guitar, Piano, Bass, Music Theory


Here are four tunes I recorded on the PC in my back room using various guitars and other musical instruments.  The guitars featured on these cuts include a Gibson L4, a Godin Multiac Jazz, a Godin ACS nylon string classical, and a Takamine 132SC classical.  I used the Gibson and the Takamine to record audio tracks, while the Godins were used as MIDI input devices.  The primary MIDI sound module is a Roland SC-880, which produces all the instrument sounds not made by the Gibson or the Takamine except the organ sounds, which were produced by a Hammond XK-2 keyboard.  I also used the XK-2 as a MIDI input device.  The recording, both audio and MIDI, was done on a PC using Sonar sequencing software.  I played most of the parts myself in real time with the few exceptions, described below.

On a Clear Day (Lerner & Lane) Jazz Improv MP3 (3.8MB)
I do On a Clear Day as an up-tempo jazz swing featuring guitar, flute, bass, and drums.  The bass and drums were modified from P. G. Musicís The Jazz Soloist MIDI files.  The flute solo is also courtesy of The Jazz Soloist.  I added the flute melody using the Multiac Jazz.  The guitar is the L4.


Polka Dots & Moonbeams (Van Heusen) Solo Guitar MP3 (2.2MB)
This is my solo guitar arrangement of an old standard performed on the L4 with a slight 1950ís tremolo.  The harmonic and rhythmic structure begins simply and builds in complexity with each verse, growing to eight chord changes per measure in the final chorus.


Fantasie in Dmi (Weiss) Classical Guitar MP3 (2.1MB)
Sylvius Leopold Weiss (1687-1750) was a virtuoso lutenist and Baroque composer.  He was also reputed to have been an excellent improviser.  He was a contemporary of J. S. Bach, and it is reported that on at least one occasion in 1739 Bach and Weiss engaged in a friendly improvisation contest in Bach's home (my, haven't classical expectations changed).  This Fantasie, originally written in 1719 for lute, is frequently performed in Emi on guitar.  The Dmi version heard here requires the 6th string to be tuned down a whole step to D, but I believe it provides more depth and a considerably richer sound on the guitar.  I recorded this piece using the Takamine.


Rainy Rendezvous (Dalzell) Original Latin MP3 (5.2MB)
This tune is my own composition.  It has a Latin flavor.  I played all the parts real time using the L4, the Multiac Jazz, the ACS, and the Hammond.  Excuse the panning thunder and rain at the intro (also courtesy of the SC-880).  What was I thinking?