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Musical Background
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Frank Dalzell - Instructor

Guitar, Piano, Bass, Music Theory


I've been playing guitar since I was nine and piano and bass since I was 15.  I have played in many bands in and around Baltimore, and I have studied all styles of music with a number of diverse instructors in and around Baltimore, including:

Jazz - Gus Harris, Ed Stringer, Hank Levy, Greg Hatza
Classical - Franco Platino, Ray Chester
Pop - Ross Haynie, Don Leonard

Gus Harris and Ed Stringer were both outstanding jazz performers and teachers who stressed reading skills, music theory, and improvisation.  Ray Chester is a world-class classical guitar teacher.  He held the Guitar Department Chair position at The Peabody Conservatory for almost 30 years following the departure of his mentor, the program founder, Aaron Shearer.  Franco Platino holds several advanced degrees in classical guitar performance.  He is a well-respected performer and recording artist in both Europe and America.  He recently released a CD of duets with world-renowned guitarist, Manuel Barrueco.

I earned my undergraduate degree at Towson University.  While at Towson, I studied jazz improvisation with Greg Hatza, and I studied big band arranging with Hank Levy.  My Master's degree is from Johns Hopkins University in Information Technology Management, and I've been utilizing computers to facilitate musical arranging and song scoring for many years.

In my early teens, one of my teachers introduced me to the recordings of several jazz players, including Barney Kessel, Tal Farlow, Howard Roberts, Chuck Wayne, Kenny Burrell, George Benson, and Wes Montgomery.  I've been a jazz fan ever since, and I've devoted many years to understanding music theory and applying it to tasteful accompaniment and improvisation.

I also enjoy classical music.  I particularly like Baroque and Renaissance music, and my studies in classical technique and repertoire have helped me develop a methodology for improving speed and dexterity.  I'm inspired by classical players such as John Williams, David Russell, Manuel Barruecco, and The Assads.

In addition, I have a great respect for the pop artists who continue to appeal to several generations of music fans.  I enjoy the works of James Taylor, Carole King, Elton John, Tony Bennett, Barbara Streisand, The Beatles, Steely Dan, Michael McDonald, Stevie Wonder, Eric Clapton and many others.

I joined my first band when I was 12, and began my musical career around that time.  Over the years, I've worked with various groups in clubs and at private parties, playing jazz, rock, and standards, while keeping abreast of current popular tunes.  I have also taught guitar, piano, and bass at a number of music studios, at The Boys' Latin School, and in my home.  I like helping people develop their musical talents and ideas.

In addition to playing, I also enjoy MIDI arranging.  I score for big band, as well as for smaller jazz ensembles.